Summer Vacation 2019 Vlog #2: Grand Teton Natl. Park

Hi! This post is about the second day in my family's summer vacation. We woke early in the morning and drove out of Evanston on our way to Grand Teton Natl. Park. We later arrived there a little before noon and found a campsite. The rest of the day we explored, went to the ranger station, biked, and took many pictures. To learn more about that day's adventure go click on the link below to watch the video.

Summer Vacation Day 1: Great Salt Lake, Alta, Solitude, and more!

Hi! The most recent video I posted was day one of my  2019 summer vacation. It has taken me a while to edit the video since I've been busy, but I finally have it up. Our first day was us mainly driving up north through Utah to get closer to Grand Teton Natl. Park and Yellowstone which were our main destinations for the trip. On the way up we decided to stop and visit the ski mountains Solitude, Brighton, Alta, and Snowbird. With Ikon pass we could now ski at those mountains so we wanted to look around and see if this year we might want to go skiing there. All of the mountains were gorgeous and we also took a hike to Blood Lake. After a quick stop at Great Salt Lake we continued our journey up to Park City and Deer Valley ski resorts as well. This was only the first day of our trip but it was jam packed full of stops and activities. Here is the link to the video for day one of our trip! 

Mammoth Blog Part #3


Mammoth Travel Vlog Part 2!!!!

Hi! So this is part 2 to my Mammoth summer vacation. My Dad and I had a super fun skiing and the snow was great for the summer. I also went with my family to Bodie State Park and we explored the ghost town. To see the full experience just watch my newest video!

Hi, so I haven't posted in a while but now I also have started a you tube channel called Tons of Travels so you can watch my travel videos over there. On the last trip I went one I went with my family to Mammoth and had a super fun time. While on our trip I went skiing, hiking, fishing, biking, and I just enjoyed being in the mountains. Below is the first video in the series please subscribe and enjoy watching!

Up at Lake Mary on the Mammoth Lakes Bike loop. It was so pretty with all of the snow but some parts of the bike path were covered with snow so we had to walk our bikes over the snow! =D

The base of Stump Alley at the Mill after a day of  skiing.
First video in series!

2012-09: Bishop, CA

My daddy and I drove to Bishop, CA on Sep 15, 2012 for an overnight hiking trip.

I can't remember exactly how long, but the drive was long!  When we arrived at Bishop, we got our hiking permit from the Ranger station.  After parking the car at South Lake, we started to hike.  

On the way to our camp site, we saw a hiker that had two dogs, and one ran away but later the lady found him.  When we arrived at South Lake, we stopped for lunch and had trail mix, apples and salami.  After lunch, we hiked toward Bishop Pass, but I was tired because I did not sleep in the car, so we turned back and camped at Long Lake.  

For dinner, I had strawberry milk and macaroni.  Daddy had macaroni too!  

After dinner, daddy took pictures and I listed to my iPod.  I had to keep listening to my iPod because daddy kept making promises that he would be back in five minutes but he kept going back to take more pictures.  We went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night to see stars, but we saw frost on…