Mammoth Blog Part #3

At the Village next to Dave McCoy. He was
the one who made Mammoth a ski town! 
Hello! This is the final post for my Mammoth Summer trip. On the last few days we spent more time with my family but we still had exciting adventures. On Thursday after a morning of skiing we went to June Lake to go fishing. We were unsuccessful but it still was an enjoyable time. Then my dad and I went an a bike loop around Mammoth. Friday was mostly the same routine we went skiing in the morning then went fishing and biking in the afternoon. However this time we went to Lake Mary instead. I caught a huge fish which we later ate for dinner one night. To see the rest of  my adventure go watch my travel vlog on my Youtube Channel. Enjoy! 
Just look at that fish!

Having fun on the Mammoth Bike Loop!


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